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Click on your ID on the top left, then select “Membership”

Choose your Membership Plan.

Write the coupon code if needed hit the Subcribe/Update My Plan button.

Write your credit card details and your mail (if needed).

Your subscription is ACTIVE immediately.

The download are activated

If you have any question, send us a mail : [email protected]

You need to reach a certain rank before to get access certains areas or earn goodies.

Here is the Ranking System sheet :

In order to rank up in the army, you need to prove your seniority, your commitment and your contribution to the community.

I) Month subscribed = Bought month.

It means you don’t need to wait the time is elapsed before to get your bonuses. For example, if you subscribe a 3 month plan (aka PRO GOLD), you will be Corporal and have access to Classics immediately.

II) Track ratings = Thumbs up/Thumbs down

Participate to the tracks relevancy algorithm by rating tracks everyday.

III) Bangerz Uploaded = Higher ranks
When you reach the “Sergeant” rank, a new menu appears in your user interface : “Upload Music”.
You are now able to submit your Productions, Mashups & Remixes to our curator team and have a chance to be featured in the music pool.

P.S. : If you want to upgrade and you already have a subscription, it’s possible. The remaining time credit will be added to the new higher plan.

The Crate creation system is very simple. It allows you to make your own playlists, download them as a .zip and even share them to your community later.

I) Push the “+” button on the “crate section” on the left side.

II) Selection the tracks you want to add in this crate clicking on the “+” button of each track.

III) Validate your selection clicking on the button near your rank on the top right of the screen.

On the other hand, Smart Crates are really helpful too.
Consider them as a “preset” of a filter stance.
Just use the filter section on the right of your screen, and instead off pushing the “Apply Filter” button, hit the “New Smart Crate” button, and come enjoy the music at anytime, in your own Smart Crates section.

Click on your ID on the top left, then select “Change Password”

P.S. : If you’ve forgot your password, click on the “Forgot Password” button on the login screen.

As our goal is 100% customer satisfaction, with our Satisfied or Refunded program, you have 7 days after the date of the payment to be refunded, simply writing us an email

Send us a mail for recurrence cancellation.