"Either you are with us or you are against us."

These were difficult times, times where danger was constant, and no one was sure of being successful and carrying out their projects. The fear was at the highest level, and all the troops were demoralized.
Why were they fighting? For what?
Every small success was immediately destroyed by a ruinous defeat, and none of the armies could make progress. The war was stalled, and no one seemed to be able to move that situation.

The atmosphere in the headquarters was tense. The General was absorbed in his thoughts as he read the reports. The face showed no emotion, and his lieutenants knew well that this attitude was only the calm before the storm. The General accumulated anger, and sooner or later, he would vent it on someone.

“Lieutenant, we haven’t made progress in the last few weeks.”
“No, sir.”
“I want explanations, convincing explanations.”
“The enemy is much stronger than expected, sir. Their propaganda is strong and has convinced part of the population to support their cause. Our soldiers are greeted with hateful looks and sabotage actions are the order of the day. Under these conditions, no progress can be made. We are fortunate if we can hold these positions, sir. “
“I do not like these explanations. This war is absurd, and based on frictions, this is a waste of time.”
“Yes, sir, I agree. Unfortunately, many people profess themselves to be music lovers, and then they do not even listen to anything.”
“I hate this kind of people, they don’t respect the work of artists and producers. We fight to save this sector and to create new songs, make room for new artists, create new global trends, but in these conditions, we can’t do it.” the General said.
“We cannot only hope in the common sense of people on the web.,” said the Lieutenant.
“The web .. to win this war we need the best of the best, we need them.”
“They? General, are you talking about ..”
“Is it safe?”
“Yes, only in this way can we win the war, or die trying.”
“The Bangerz Army is our elite troop, they never failed a mission.”
“And they won’t fail this time either.”
“I convoke them immediately.”

After a few minutes, the Commander of the Bangerz Army was in front of the General, waiting to understand the reasons for that urgent call.

“Commander, you know that the situation is complicated, the war is not yet won and can be lost at any moment. The situation requires courageous gestures, daring heroes, and ready to do anything to complete the mission.”
“I see.”
“You have total freedom of action. I want you to create a platform that can bring all the DJs together, produce new tracks, and make room for all the talented artists. The platform must become a reference point on the web. Can you do it?”

“Consider it already done.”

Here’s how our platform was born.